Anett Biliczki in Bergen at S12’s Young & Loving Exhibition

Anett Biliczki has been selected for Young & Loving! 2019 – the invisible becomes visible at gallery and studio S12 in Bergen, Norway. She will be showing two pieces, one from the Dueodde Series and a new piece entitled Last Winter (pictured below).

Young & Loving! 2019
Group exhibition Oct 4th – Nov 10th
Vernissage Friday 4th of October at 7pm

Young & Loving! Is a humorous translation of “young and promising”, pointing to the exhibition’s focus on newly graduated artists. An exploratory approach to glass as part of an artistic expression is a particular feature of the exhibition concept, which has been a yearly event in S12 since 2007.

This year’s artists are: Elmira Abolhasani (Iran / Portugal), Gaby Berger (Belgium), Anett Biliczki (Hungary / Denmark), María Renée Morales Lam (Guatemala/ Portugal),Tone Linghult (Sweden), Dan Mirer (US) and Galla Theodosis (France).

Young & Loving! 2019 shows a variation of themes, techniques and expressions. In several of the works a desire to make the invisible visible is present. As seen in the work of Tone Linghult who gives feelings a physical form through her sculptures of glass and mesh, and in the work of María Renée Morales Lam who is exploring absence and a range of scientific phenomena related to light, space and time. Elmira Abolhasanis journey to understand human networks and identity is continuing in her new wall piece consisting of hundreds of flameworked glass hands. In “Searching for Snow White’s Apple” Gaby Berger is taking a closer look at the food industry, and presenting us with an entire menu of contaminated and poisonous food. She does so reminding us of the influence of man on life and of our mortality.